Our Story

We wanted to build a brand that focuses on unique, everyday jewelry pieces available to women of all tastes and sizes. We believe that every woman deserves to find jewelry based on their personality, and not constricted within industry sizing. That’s why all of our rings are uniquely designed and made in sizes 4 through 10 right out of the gate- one of the largest size selections in the industry!

After all, if women of all shapes and sizes deserve to dress fashionably, shouldn’t they have access to all of the best accessories too? Passionately driven, we set on filling this gap in the jewelry space along with offering more styles, colors and designs, ultimately allowing you to express your individuality. 


Gemandi designers specialize in top grade crystals and create one of a kind pieces for everyday wear! Designing with crystals allows us to play with an infinite amount of colors, cuts, shapes and effects, which create unique and sustainable pieces. Our designers are guided by trends, but powered by creativity and curiosity that ultimately results in our iconic jewelry


Gemandi 5A Grade Crystals are high quality lab created crystals cut by our elite jewelers using a proprietary cutting technique that refracts light with the most radiance. Depending on the crystal style, we use only the highest grade of cubic zirconia or glass to achieve our unique crystals' colors and effects!


Plating in gold (when done professionally) can be just as beautiful as solid gold, while allowing us to offer jewelry at affordable prices! We use semi-precious metals (brass or silver) to craft our rings. The true beauty of our rings come from our proprietary plating technique, where we 3x dip the base in 14k gold.

We crafted a process using 3 different types of plating, which is why we call it 3x dipped. Each round is a different process that serves a specific purpose, with the final round as an advanced sealing technique for extra protection. Every Gemandi piece is heavy gold plated with at least 2.5 microns of high quality 14k gold, making it well over 5x the industry average!